Mr Robors

mr robors

Hair ø ~Tableau Vivant~ Owen hair (NEW) @MOM

Mask ø [ContraptioN] Masks: Riders (NEW) @MOM

Jacket ø UC Joy Jacket (NEW) @MOM

Jeans ø David Heather

Shoes ø Kenvie – Lebron – (NEW) @MOM



Team Pool

Team Pool

Jacket ø  ::GB::Military jacket  (NEW) @TMD

Shorts ø ::K:: Johnny Boardies Homme (NEW) @TMD


Hair ø ~Tableau Vivant~ Seb hair (NEW) @TMD

FacialHair ø Unorthodox

Glasses ø *SORGO – OldTimers V2 (NEW) @TMD

Tattoo ø Reckless (NEW) @TMD

N4RS  Zakynthos (NEW) @TMD

 Check also for his clothes!

I´m so confuse

I´m so confuse

Hair ø ~Tableau Vivant~ Ors hair (NEW) @TMD

Glasses ø * SORGO – OldTimers V2 (NEW) @TMD

Tattoo ø *Bolson / Tattoo – Mr. Mockup

Necklace ø [Pumpkin] Vintage necklace  (NEW) @TMD

T-shirt ø Howl – JINO T-Shirts  (NEW) @TMD

Jeans ø [Pumpkin] Skintight pants

Phone ø [ kunst ] – kPhone 3C / wood

Pose ø Le Poppycock  (NEW) @TMD

Special Thanks to Tableau Vivant nice hair name!


Cream with Ice


Hair ø [INK] Hair___SPRSTOME @TMD (NEW)

Hairbase ø Unorthodox

Sunglasses ø REDGRAVE- Sunglasses GunShoot @TMD (NEW)

FacialHair ø Tableau Vivant

Tattoo ø .Reckless. – Clements @TMD (NEW)

T-shirt ø etham – Miguel Thermal Shirt –  @TMD (NEW)

Bracelet ø [MANDALA] LUSTFUL -Jewelry- @TMD (NEW)

Jeans+Boots ø ISON MAN – jumper set @TMD (NEW)

Pose ø SORGO

Hands ø Slink



Shes Allways right there when I need Her

Shes allways right there when I need her

Hair ø *~*Damselfly*~*Cameron (NEW) 

Eyes ø IKON Sovereign Eyes (NEW)

Hairbase ø ~Tableau Vivant~ Shortcut hairbase (NEW) 

Tattoo ø *Bolson / Head Tattoo Relay For Life – Gus (NEW)

Facial Hair ø Unorthodox Vicious Facial Hair (NEW) 

SunGlasses ø Sunglasses REDGRAVE Aviator- PILOT/Male (NEW) 

Vest ø REPRESENT – Airtex Neoprene Vest (NEW) @MWFW

Tee ø REPRESENT – Essential Fury Tee (NEW) @MWFik

Jeans ø REPRESENT – Denim Washed Jeans (NEW) @MWFW

Shoes ø ::GB::chain slip on (NEW) @MOM

Hands/Feet ø Slink

Pose ø Gabriel *agapee* (NEW)

Relay for Life!