The Sin

The Sin

Hair ø *~*Damselfly*~*Adan (NEW) @O9

Hairbase ø Unorthodox

Cross ø ieQED crucifix.necklace (NEW) @TMD

Shirt ø HAK – Oversized_Monk Thermal (NEW) @TMD

Pipe ø [CX] Octo Glass Pipe (NEW) @TMD

Your not safe.


Team Pool

Team Pool

Jacket ø  ::GB::Military jacket  (NEW) @TMD

Shorts ø ::K:: Johnny Boardies Homme (NEW) @TMD


Hair ø ~Tableau Vivant~ Seb hair (NEW) @TMD

FacialHair ø Unorthodox

Glasses ø *SORGO – OldTimers V2 (NEW) @TMD

Tattoo ø Reckless (NEW) @TMD

N4RS  Zakynthos (NEW) @TMD

 Check also for his clothes!